Mattie’s at Green Pastures

This past week I had the pleasure to dine at the new restaurant Matties located at the newly renovated Green Pastures. I had been eyeing this restaurant since it opened back in March and was so excited my company decided to have our monthly happy hour there. This place is incredibly charming! It's crazy to … Continue reading Mattie’s at Green Pastures


Bananarchy-Revolutionary Desserts

I've been wanting to try Bananarchy since I moved to Texas. Such a simple idea yet a rare idea. In a city where ice cream and gourmet donuts reign supreme Bananarchy brings dessert back to its roots. Located on the corner of 1st and W. Live Oak Street,, you can find this colorfully yellow food … Continue reading Bananarchy-Revolutionary Desserts


It all started with a movie called Eat, Pray, Love. I remember seeing the trailer for the movie in the theater years ago and I could feel the little bird within my soul start to flap its wings with such excitement and intensity. Watching Julia Roberts on the big screen swirling her fork into fresh … Continue reading #Blessed