Hi There,

My name is Cara Thibodeaux but who really am I? It’s a question I have often asked myself as a young child repeatedly. Even at the age of 2 years old, I was asking this profound question many people don’t even stop to ask themselves until their late 40’s. Who am I is such an important question we should all stop to ask ourselves. In a world of constant imagery on social media about who and what we should be and where we should go and how much money we should make and when we should make it by and when should be married and when we should be having kids, and what to wear, what makeup to buy, and how to wear it, and I could go on and on with the countless messages we are fed every day on who we should be.

But who are we? What do we like? What give us our purpose in life?

I started to ask myself these questions just recently after becoming so exhausted with trying to keep up with everyone else around me. I finally had a mental breakdown when I realized I was trying so hard to be someone else, my false self, the self I had created as an illusion to impress others. Subconsciously, I was so incredibly sad.

I had lost the things that made me whole. As a young child I loved to sing, and dance, and create, but as I grew up I packed all those wonderful things that made up me and stuffed them in a corner of a closet somewhere in my spirit.  I realized I had to stop caring about what everyone else thought of me and I had to dig down deep and find what I was missing. I realized the only way to live my great full life was to embrace the fun and quirky things that made me happy. I narrowed it down to food, family, friends, fun, travel, design, love, and the practice of gratitude.

I started to practice these areas of my life on a daily basis by taking the time to create a new recipe, or find a new and exciting place to eat in town, or try a new activity with my partner, or simply being grateful for the flower on my morning walk. My outlook on life started to change, and change for the better. I found that these small aspects of my life allowed me to start to wake up every day with a purpose and not an obligation.

My life is not perfect and there are so many things I want to do and see and experience but until then, I want to share my journey with you. I want to inspire you to shed the story you have created for everyone else and to embrace all the small things that make you happy. I want to help you live your great full life too. I am so grateful we have found each other and I am happy that you are following along with me in my adventures as the Great Full Girl.