Mattie’s at Green Pastures

This past week I had the pleasure to dine at the new restaurant Matties located at the newly renovated Green Pastures. I had been eyeing this restaurant since it opened back in March and was so excited my company decided to have our monthly happy hour there. This place is incredibly charming! It’s crazy to think in the middle of a quiet Austin neighborhood sits this majestic gem of a property.


From the moment I got out of my car, I felt like I had stepped foot onto the set of Gone with the Wind-I have never seen the movie myself but I imagine this is the type of home the movie takes place in. It was the perfect time to get there, just about 6pm, as the sun was setting behind the home hitting the leaves on the big, beautiful trees just right I could spot some of the property’s many peacocks hanging out on the tree branches above me which by the way was so cool! I was not aware peacocks could climb trees like that!

Anywho, the property also featured a lovely and very romantic wrap around porch with a few tables for two. I made sure to take note of this so I could take my boyfriend here for a special occasion soon 🙂

The staff greeted me when I walked in and although our entire group had not arrived just yet they advised us of the bar downstairs and upstairs in the home to enjoy drinks in until the rest of our party arrived. They had me at bar 😉

What I  loved the most about Mattie’s is that it wasn’t like a typical restaurant experience. With the home being open for patrons to walk about, it made it feel so comfortable! I felt like I was having drinks and dinner at a good friend’s house instead of dining in a stuffy restaurant.


Now the true test of any restaurant is the drinks and the food and let me tell you, Mattie’s did not disappoint, in fact, I was incredibly blown away by every single thing I had! The first thing I ordered was a Mint Julep but be careful you will grow some hair on your chest after this drink, it was strong! While everyone else was on their second drink I was still sipping away at my ice cold julep.


Now, the love is in the details here folks! The napkins and even the coasters I saw had a special message from Mattie. A little fun fact for you, Mattie is the nickname of one of the original owners of Green Pastures, Martha Miner Faulk, so you’ll see some thoughtful messages from her around the property.

The first thing we decided to order for an appetizer was the biscuits. They were so heavenly! As I am writing this I wish I had one now to eat. Had a known I would have been craving them so much after this dinner I would have ordered a few more to take home with me! They were so light and fluffy and flakey and buttery…oh my goodness! You absolutely have to try them when you go!


We also ordered from the appetizer menu their Shrimp and Grits along with the Kale Salad. Now I am not a fan of kale but if I could have eaten that whole salad by myself with a side of biscuits I would have, but nonetheless, I shared with my lovely co-workers who were there with me 🙂

For the entree round (in the voice of Ted Allen-if you watch Chopped you will totally understand this-insert laughing/crying emoji here) we ordered a plethora-one of my favorite words-of food to share amongst us. From the entree menu we ordered the Fried Chicken (I mean that was a must), the Skuna Bay Salmon, Basmati Rice Bowl (great for those who are gluten free-which is like 99% of the population in Austin), the Pork Chop, and a side of Crispy Cauliflower which was out of this world amazing! I honestly don’t even eat cauliflower not because it tastes bad but because it looks weird but not here at Mattie’s. Their cauliflower is cooked in Thai bird chile and tamarind bbq sauce and it literally tasted like General Tso chicken. If cauliflower could be cooked like that I would eat it every day, it was seriously one of my favorite things I had! So good, in fact, I forgot to take a photo, but I did include some of my favorite entrees dishes below:

Basmati Rice Bowl

Basmati Rice Bowl


Fried Chicken


Skuna Bay Salmon


I have to say, I am not a blogger that enjoys fancy, overpriced food. In fact, some of my favorite food is the small mom and pop, hole in the wall places where you know the family is cooking it up back in the kitchen but I have to say Mattie’s was not your typical fancy restaurant. It’s comfortable, it’s relaxed, and the food is made with love, hearty, and light all at the same time. It won’t leave you hungry after you leave which is how I feel after I go to an upscale restaurant most of the times. You will leave with a happy, full belly and with a mouth full of amazing flavors. This would have to be one of my all time favorite restaurants in town not just because of the food but because of the entire experience. This property, one of my coworkers was telling me over dinner, used to be the go to place for special occasions and company holiday parties but that it was a place for an older generation. With the new renovations of the property, you can tell the property has gotten its groove back so to say and welcomes people of all ages to experience the magic of this historic home. With modern touches mixed with the vintage vital organs of the home, you can see that the new management still honors the original bones and the soul of the property but has brought it back to life. I would say after experiencing the charm of this place, you’ll want to add Mattie’s at Green Pastures to your Austin bucket list.



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