Bananarchy-Revolutionary Desserts

I’ve been wanting to try Bananarchy since I moved to Texas. Such a simple idea yet a rare idea. In a city where ice cream and gourmet donuts reign supreme Bananarchy brings dessert back to its roots.


Located on the corner of 1st and W. Live Oak Street,, you can find this colorfully yellow food truck. Pick your size either a “halfsie” or a “wholsie”. Let me tell you, this dessert although a fruit, packs a sweet punch when dipped and coated in chocolate and candies so be prepared to bring this bad boy home with you for round two. My boyfriend and I ordered a “wholsie” thinking we could easily finish it off with the two of us and we were wrong. It made a great dessert for the next day, however 🙂


After picking your size, you get the choice to dip it in chocolate, vanilla, or peanut butter and sprinkle it with a topping or toppings if you’re feeling really hungry. You can top it off with candies such as M&M’s or Reese’s Pieces, or cookies, graham crackers, and even sprinkles.

And while you wait you can leave your mark for the next customer in this fun little game at the counter.


Bananarchy is certainly worth the try and is the perfect way to cool down on these hot summer days in Texas. So decide to be different and ditch the ice cream some days. Be a revolutionary and eat some Bananarchy!



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