Four Brothers ATX

IMG_9092Hands down one of the best places to eat in Austin! This food is so flavorful I was in heaven every single bite. Here are a few things to know before you go:

Location: They have a location on the corner of South 1st Street and W. Live Oak as well as a location on Rainey Street. I have been to both but prefer the location on South 1st street which is a bit calmer than the Rainey Street location.

Parking: If you are going to the South 1st location they are located in a small trailer parking lot. Not a ton of parking in the lot but there is easy street parking nearby.

Price: $5.99-8.99 per item

Seating: Picnic tables with umbrellas outside

What we ordered:

-Four Brother’s & La Bomba Arepa

Four Brothers

The Four Brothers Arepa and the La Bomba Arepa are essentially the same but the La Bomba Arepa gives you three types of meat-pork, chicken, and beef. While the Four Brothers Arepa comes with chicken only. This sandwich is so good! You will not leave disappointed. Along with the meat, the sandwiches also include cheese, sweet plantains tomato, black beans, and a delicious dressing of tartar sauce and avocado sauce.

-Mandocas & Cheese Empanada

My boyfriend really loved the cheese empanada but my favorite snack was the mandocas, a deep fried cornmeal ring, which had the perfect amount of sweetness to it.


If you are visiting Austin for the first time or a local you have got to check this place out! You and your belly will leave very happy!


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