Parkside Summer Social Series

This past weekend I attended the Parkside Summer Social Series downtown and got to sample some colorful cocktails and tasty bites. The Summer Social Series is created to give Austin locals the chance to try some classy bar eats from some very accomplished chefs from around the country. This past weekend featured some collaborative creations from Parkside’s chef Nathan Lemley and Crossroads owners Danielle and Wayne Van Steen.


Tickets were sold at about $36 and featured 3 courses with cocktail pairings. I was so busy admiring the atmosphere and great conversation during the event that I regretfully did not take as many photos as I would have liked but did get photos of my favorite courses and drinks.


The first course featured tripe and red fish, which I did not try since I am not going to lie I am a bit wary of fish that is not completely cooked. I have a paranoia about raw fish so I skipped the first course. The second course featured pork which was very tasty along with some sort of creation on top of a very large tortilla chip. It wasn’t my favorite but it did photograph nicely 🙂



The third and final course featured Ox tongue. Now, I was certainly going to pass on this because the word “tongue” does not sound that appetizing however when the staff brought it out it was absolutely so colorful I couldn’t pass it up. Surprisingly it was the best thing I had that night. It tasted like bbq that had been smoked with love for 12 hours and tasted oh so good!


Although the event was very lovely, the food was not my favorite. I honestly felt like I was on Chopped and everything was made with a secret basket ingredient. I could appreciate however the love and thought that went into these creative dishes and I would certainly go to another event. It was fun to try different foods I would have never ordered for myself and the cocktail pairings were absolutely exquisite! The next summer social series happens next month in August so be sure to check it out!


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